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At OpenWorldNetwork.com (OWN) let’s be THOSE OF US (TOFU) who no longer want to give away our CONTENT and our LABOR or our TIME. Let’s get together and decide to change the net into a society for the people, by the people. TOFU control the content, TOFU control the market, TOFU control how much profit we all make for OURSELVES. Why not allow  the conglomerates to reap what THEY SOW, while we at OWN, REAP WHAT WE SOW? At OWN lets be TOFU that believe in each other and are ready for a change; lets get together and create a Website to help TOFU profit from ourselves!

Several people have indicated that maybe these idea’s or statements are not clear enough. That they need plain English. So here it is: Large Corporations are making huge amounts of money on the Internet. OWN is not begrudging them their slice of any pie, on the contrary, OWN is commending them for providing such amazing service to us all. THANK YOU! Large Corporations for putting out vast sums of money so that we could easily find and or buy just about any product in the world.

It’s time though that TOFU get into the game.

Stepping in and OWN’ing what is there for TOFU to own. We all created the Internet, without TOFU there would be no profit for anyone. The reason there is an Internet is becasue TOFU line the pockets of the few to provide the many to enrich the few. Let me say that again. WE CREATE THE INTERNET. Why not create the Internet for ourselves?

Joining OWN is easy and once you join you will be a member for life. You will profit from your own hard work. But lets be serious shall we? You will profit from what you do already, shop or browse the Internet. By just doing these simple things, FROM THE OWN Website, we all will make a profit. The more profit TOFU make the more we can give back to; you guessed it! OURSELVES!

At OpenWorldNetwork.com (OWN) we believe everyone has an inherent genius, and it is that genius we speak to now. We can create our OWN website that will make us all money! Why not use the skills we all have to enrich ourselves? WE create jobs,  WE create content, WE allow for our OWN growth.


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