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Book Publishing!

Have a book? An idea for a book. Wanted to be published but have found one door slammed in your face after another? Here at OWN, tell us your story, show us your book, we’ll do our level best to get it out there into print.

We all have a deep desire to be heard. Here at OWN, we hear you and want to rest of the world to hear you too. The very least we can do is make it available on a special web page to access an online version. Who knows, it may become an overnight sensation.

Until then have you seen this website?


Check it out, you can get the help you need right now.

Eventually, we will post a car we are giving away. You’ll get a chance to write a snail mail letter or email telling us why you need this car. Tell us your hardship or your desires and we’ll do our level best to provide help in any way we can. Also, if you haveĀ  a fantasy car you’ve always wanted let us know and we’ll give everyone a chance to win it.


Here at OWN, we want to be able to spread the wealth, not hold on to it. Money is energy and it needs to move…in and out, in and out.

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