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Buying up Schools

At (OWN) we believe in education, who doesn’t? We are always being educated by everyone and everything around us and our lives are purely educational. The education we are speaking about though is the spring board of our young lives. It is how we are introduced to the art of learning. The education of being educated. When we are taught for example that “there are no accidents in the world” this allows us to see around us with eyes that are open and full of wonder.  This introduces the idea that you can have no fear for what life brings you , giving us wings to fly, to soar beyond the limitations the world is trying to set for us. We choose the answer in the moment that supports our best growth, that’s the education we need. Famous quote, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime” (maybe not exact) But you get the meaning. Teach our children to fly, feed them good wholesome food and watch their wings grow, then allow them soar.With that idea in mind, OWN would like to someday purchase schools now being abandoned by our local government and hire teachers, pay them lots of money (what they are worth), and give our children the education they deserve. There are lots of examples of this out in the world now. Oprah did a whole show about schools, they are successful in educating their kids. She gave $1 million dollars to each of these schools to allow them to further their success.

At OWN, we believe in what Donald Trump says about this one particular thing, “hire the best and pay them the most!” Creating jobs, spreading joy and happiness, allowing our children the room to grow; these are noble goals.


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