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This is our Travel Awards page.

Eventually you will be directly connected to the OWN travel company. All travel plans made through our pages will enrich us and further allow the members of OWN to receive deep discounts in the future when they travel.

OWN will also offer 9 day vacations for 4 people (all expenses paid) One of the ways we will use the money we earn in the running of this website is to purchase vacation homes. If we have one home, that’s 36 vacations a year the members of OWN can win. If we have 100 vacation homes, we’ll have 3600 vacations a year to give away. Lets enrich ourselves. Lets use the money we make to support US.

These vacations will be transferable and you can sell them. No reason to tie the hand that feeds all of us.

Here are some of the spots we were thinking of Vacation Homes:

Hawaii, Mexico, Greece, Canada, Fiji, Bali

Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, Florida

India, Germany, Amsterdam

(Any other ideas? Submit them please)

OWN will have a full service vacation business in the future. Until then these are companies that will pay OWN a little money if you book travel with them:



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